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Memorial Foundation Board Briefings - Recent News January 2013

January 16, 2013

Kineret, Israel on June 11-17, 2013

The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture is now accepting applications for the twenty-fifth International Nahum Goldmann Fellowship, which will take place in Israel at the Ohalo Manor on the Kineret on June 11-17, 2013. The Nahum Goldmann Fellowship provides an intensive experience in Jewish living, learning and leadership for young men and women from around the world between the ages of 25-40 who show serious interest in Jewish culture and demonstrate a potential for individual growth and communal leadership. Attached is a tentative program.

The Memorial Foundation has organized twenty-five Fellowships since 1987 in Western and Eastern Europe, including the former Soviet Union, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, North America, South America and Israel. Following each of the past seminars, Fellows returned to their communities and took steps to assume leadership positions in their communities.

Faculty in the past included some of the most distinguished Jewish thinkers from around the world. Faculty at the International Israeli Nahum Goldmann Fellowship will include, among others, Prof. Ismar Schorsch, Professor of Jewish History and former Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Prof. Ilan Troen, Professor of Israel Studies, Brandeis University; Prof. Saul Berman, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University School of Law; Dr. Ruth Calderon, Chairperson of ALMA - The Home for Hebrew Culture; Dr. Steven Bayme, Director, Contemporary Jewish Life, American Jewish Committee; Prof. Micha Goodman, Prof. of Jewish Philosophy and Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Fellowship will deal with the following themes: Towards a Global Jewish Society; Jewish Identity and Peoplehood: Then and Now - A Diaspora Perspective; Jewish Identity and Peoplehood: Then and Now - An Israeli Perspective; Community and State: Convergences and Incompatibilities; The Lessons of Jewish History -The Role of Leadership; and Our Roles and Responsibilities: In the Diaspora Towards Israel, in Israel Towards the Diaspora, and Towards"Other" Jews.

For more information and to obtain an application form, please contact The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture: phone: (212) 425-6606 website:; email: or by mail: 50 Broadway, 34th floor, New York, NY 10004, USA.