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Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture - MFJC Presidents

Presidents of the Memorial Foundation

Nahum Goldmann (served 1965-1982)

Founder of the Memorial Foundation. See full profile here.


Philip M. Klutznick (served 1982-1988)

Philip M. Klutznick was the former president of the International B'nai Brith, the World Jewish Congress and Secretary of Commerce in the United States during the Carter presidency .


Baron Immanuel Jakobovits (served 1988-1994)

Baron Immanuel Jakobovits was the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth.


Jack J. Spitzer (served 1994-1996)

Jack J. Spitzer was the former president of the International B'nai Brith.


Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler (served 1996-2000)

Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, was president of the Union of Hebrew Congregations of America, leader of the Reform movement in the United States and president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations


Professor Anita Shapira (served 2000-2008)

Professor Anita Shapira, occupant of the Dr. Ruben Merenfeld Chair for the Study of Zionism and Professor of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University, and the winner of the Israel Prize in Jewish History in 2008.


Professor Ismar Schorsch (served 2008-2016)

Professor Ismar Schorsch is the former chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary, the Rabbi Herman Abramovitz Professor of Jewish History, and leader of the Conservative movement. A full profile may be found here.


Marlene Bethlehem (Current President since 2016)

Marlene Bethlehem is the past chairman and past president of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies.